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Backing Jam Tracks: 12 bar blues, pop tracks, country jam tracks, jazz jam, smoothjazz tracks. Do you need backing tracks for pop, blues smooth jazz, country,or Latin that’s suitable for you to use in your next jam session. Then my jam backing tracks are designed for you to better your musical skills. Using my jam tracks in your next music session is the perfect way to hone your musical talent. is a music jamsite for professional and amateur musicians from around the world.

My free backing Tracks
My free music backing tracks on include, but are not limited to  Country,Jazz, Rock’N’Roll, Blues,Blues Rock, BritBlues,Texas Blues Rock, SlowBlues,Boogie Blues,Rockin Country Shuffle, and British Hard RockBlues.

Ham Radio-SM6H – JO78CJ
When I am severely visually impaired and severely hearing impaired my eyesight is so bad that I need to have a guide dog, I prefer to use my contest signal at all DX traffic outside Sweden SM6H’s easier for me to listen to shortwave, even my tools are easier to use with SM6H signal. Local traffic in Sweden, I use sm6uck.
Digital clubs for SM6H:EPC #3140 EU SW15. 30MDG #1209. PODXS 070 Club # 789. BDM#080. DMC#1625.
JT9, JT65, PSK31 QRP: 5-20w in a Butternut Gp  Kenwood Ts 590
QRPp: Flex-1500: 0.2watt – 5watt

Copyright for the tracks used on
Alljam tracks that areuploaded to the site and its subdirectory is made by Kjell Karlsson from Sweden. Kjell Karlsson has the copyrights for all of the uploaded music. Visitors are allowed to freely stream the jam tracks, but they can not download or steal the tracks.
Because of my severe visual impairment, I am limited in what I can do. In order to find a hobby, I decided to create and compose my own jam tracks for my music practice sessions.
All of my tracks are completely unique and they are never copied from other artists or other songs. All of my music and jam backing tracks on are composed and arranged by the chord in several different styles of music. It is not my intention to copy another person’s music, however if you discover that my music resembles someone else’s it may be because my music is built around similar styles and chords. I am sorry that the pages are not embellished, I am severely visually impaired and doing the best I can, I spend most of my energy on providing the top jam tracks for musicians to use in their next jam session.

Old musician
Are you like me, an old musician who doesn’t have a band to play with while sitting at home by yourself. Do you get the urge to play, but give up because you don’t have anyone topracticewith. If you want to build up the ability to play good, what could be better than to practice and jam to my free backing tracks. Welcome to my site!