Country Jam Backing Tracks


Country Jam Backing Tracks

Welcome to my country backing tracks.
Country Jamtrack Key C Track 005-kk By Kjell Karlsson

Country music originated down in Tennessee back in the 1920s.

This music mixes America folk sounds with western music. It even has a touch of blues. Country music uses banjos, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and other instruments that produce upbeat music. There are some country songs that encourage people to get up and dance while others are slow songs. Many country singers talk about lost love and being down on their luck. This music has evolved a lot over the years. It is no longer just for southerners and cowboys. Now a country song can be found on just about every radio station during rush hour.

The first country songs were developed by the Appalachian people including Jimmie Rodgers and Vernon Dalhart. People would go to work in the cotton mills and would bring their song to work with them. Many of the agricultural workers heard this music and took a liking to it. That is how the fist country record was released in 1923 by Columbia Records. Since that time country music has gained in popularity and has now entertained many generations. This music is no longer just for people in the south. People all over the United States have come to appreciate country music.