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Backing Jam Tracks 12 Bar Blues Jazz Country Pop
Do you need backing jam tracks for pop, blues smooth jazz, country,or latin that’s suitable for you to use in your next jam session. Then my jam backing tracks are designed for you to better your musical skills. Using my jam tracks in your next music session is the perfect way to hone your musical talent. datamusic.org is a music jam site for professional and amateur musicians from around the world.

About Me

backing jam tracks
backing jam tracks

In 1985, my vision became impaired. Searching for a hobby, I finally decided to start creating backing tracks to use with my guitar playing. Years later, I currently have a small home studio where I try to create the perfect music backing tracks to post on my website jamtracks.pro. Every single track on my site is arranged and written only by me; no one else’s tracks are on my page. All of the tracks used on my site are 100% unique and never copied.

My Jam Tracks
My music backing tracks include, but are not limited to: Country,Jazz, Rock’N’Roll, Blues, Blues Rock, Brit Blues, Texas Blues Rock, Slow Blues, Boogie Blues, Rockin Country Shuffle, and British Hard Rock Blues.

Copyright for the tracks used on datamusic.org
All jam tracks that are uploaded to the site datamusic.org and its subdirectory is made by Kjell Karlsson from Sweden. Kjell Karlsson has the copyrights for all of the uploaded music. Read more about copyright.

Cafe Restaurant Music
I like to compose instrumental music good for background music in cafe-restaurant. I have compose backing music over 30 years so I try to now to compose instrumental music in styles bossa nova smoothjazz and jazz good for cafe-restaurant.

Welcome to my site datamusic.org
Are you like me, an old musician who doesn’t have a band to play with while sitting at home by yourself. Do you get the urge to play, but give up because you don’t have anyone to practice with. If you want to build up the ability to play good, what could be better than to practice and jam to my backing tracks.